Q: How long has Lifesprings Eldercare, Inc. been in business?
A: We were licensed and incorporated in 1993.

Q: How many residents are in each facility?
A: Each of the four facilities is licensed for eight residents, so we currently have a total of 24 licensed beds. All of our facilities are located within five minutes of each other and they are all within the Temple Hills area.

Q: Do you accept males ad females at each facility?
A: Yes, we do. We have both male and female residents at all facilities. Of course, males and females are not allowed to share rooms unless married and have opted to share the same room.

Q: What Training do your caregivers have?
A: All caregiver are certified to provide care to geriatric residents and have received competency letters from the facility’s Delegating Nurse. They are also certified for medication and administration, and CPR and First Aid administration. Caregivers are also in-serviced in: Infection Control and Standard Precaution; Food Safety and Sanitation; Special Needs of Elderly, Emergency Disaster Plans, and Cognitive Impairment and Mental Illness.

Q: Do you have an activities schedule?
A: We have a monthly activities schedule which takes into account the skills and competencies of our residents. Participation in our activities program is never mandatory but we encourage our residents to become as engaged as they can in activities both in and out of the facility. Birthdays and special days are recognized and celebrated.

Q: How do you determine room-mate suitability?
A: Where at all possible, residents in semi-private rooms are placed based on gender, competencies and similar interest.

Q: What can my loved one take with him/her on move in?
A: Each resident is expected to have an adequate amount of clothing and personal care supplies. Residents may bring their own telephone and television sets. Residents in a private-room may replace the facility’ s furniture with their own provided it is in similar or better condition than that provided by the facility. They may also decorate their rooms to make their stay as comfortable as possible.

Q: Do we have to wait until the beginning of the month to do a move in?
A: We do rolling admissions. As soon as the resident is ready for placement, we will be ready to receive him/her.

Q: What makes you continue to provide care for seniors?
A: We are committed to providing not just care, for all our residents, regardless of the challenging and competitive environment. We continue to provide care because we see how the work that we do positively impacts the lives of the residents we serve. The appreciation shown by residents and family members for the work to do, as well as the satisfaction of knowing that we have done a good job is reason enough to keep on trying.

Q: What facilities and resources are locates/close to your neighborhood?
A: Located in beautiful Temple Hills, MD,all our location are in close proximity to hospitals, senior centers, shopping centers and churches. Below is a listing of what you will find in our neighborhood.


  • Fort Washington
  • United Healthcare Southern Maryland

Easy Access To:

  • Howard University Hospital
  • VA Hospital
  • Washington Hospital Center
  • National Rehabilitation Hospital

Day Care/Senior Centers

  • Camp Springs Senior Center
  • Cresent Ridge Adult Medical
  • Helping Hands Adult Day Care
  • Greater Southeast Community Center


  • Iverson Mall
  • Riverton Mall
  • Rosecroft Shopping Center
  • Forestville Mall

Church/Recreational Centers

  • Several within close proximity


Easy access to Metro Lines:

  • W11, W22, W15, and W17