Our Vision and Mission

Our Mission

  • To provide quality residential care for the elderly
  • To meet the physical, social,mental and spiritual needs of our residents
  • To nurture the individuality and independence of each resident
  • To the degree possible, restore residents to full vigor and health


Lifesprings Eldercare, Inc. is an ideal nursing home alternative designed to meet the needs of seniors not yet needing nursing home placement but who need to be in a supervised residential setting.

We provide short-term as well as long- term placement for residents who:

  • Need assistance with activities of daily living
  • Need one or two-person assistance
  • Need medication administration assistance
  • Are continent or incontinent

We specialize in helping to rehabilitate residents with the objective of moving residents from a higher to lower level of care. We service clients who are on high risk medications and those requiring additional monitoring. We also accept residents with early Alzheimer and Parkinson Disease.

The organization is committed to the concept of “aging in place” so we provide all levels of care approved for assisted living. Because we believe in our mission of restoring residents to full vigor and health, to the degree possible, we also accept residents that some assisted living facilities might not accept.

We arrange for on-site physical, speech, and occupational therapies as needed. Off-site and overnight stays can be arranged for residents.