What To Expect From Our Assisted Living Facilities

What to Expect from our Assisted Living Facilities

Approach to Care Management
Lifesprings Eldercare, Inc. works with physicians, family members, and visiting nurse agencies to ensure continuity of care upon discharge from the hospital or rehabilitation center.

A care plan is developed for each resident with the aim of moving that resident from a higher to a lower level of care. Staff is diligent in doing the needed follow-up as outlined by the visiting nurses or the physical or occupational therapist.

The dignity and independence of each resident is respected. Staff will not force residents to do anything unless their safety becomes compromised.

Our goal is to encourage the maintenance of dignity and independence.

Payment Options/Rates
Services may be paid for in several ways: Private Pay; Long Term Care Insurance; Medicaid Waiver; and Subsidized Assistance. Active duty veterans and spouses of veterans may also receive assistance toward cost of care through the military.

Our rates are reasonable and affordable. Charges are not based on a means test. Residents whose assets/income exceed their monthly charge pay the required charge only. Cost of care is based on level of care; room selection and the anticipated staff time required to provide quality care.

Our charges start at $2,600 per month. Payments are fixed for one year unless the resident’s needs have changed so sharply that a new assessment and service plan is warranted.